Tuesday, 22 November 2011

never fail to miss you :')

erk.. long time didnt updates this blog right..? erm.. being lazy? yes! haha.. if i didnt feel what i feel tonight, i wont updates this blog. erk. feel like wanna cry. wanna shout. wanna be crazy of everything that happen in my life. urghh. 7 years apart from you really make me feel very bad. make me cry every night starting from the day you left us. why did u do that to us? isn't us good enough for you. what make you think that girl better than us? better than mom? you left us without saying anything. left us with a big question mark in our head! left us to be blame by your fault. not your fault actually. it  was that BITCH fault! that is all because of CYNTHIA the KENJET girl. i will never ever forget what have she done to us! i wont. not till i die! no! this 7 years has thought me a lots of things. this 7 years i've cried for you a lotss! yahh.. a lots dad. damnly lots! now, we have a man that replace yr place in that house but i wont change yr place in my heart. i wont stop loving, waiting, missing and wish u to come back. i miss yr kiss, hug, joke and everything. please be back dad cos i miss you a lots. please come even a second. give me your big hug. tell me a story. sing for me. i really miss it. no one know how much i miss you. not even mom know about it. i tried to be strong in front of mom and bb but how long will it last? give me one last chance to hug and kiss u. please dad! :') imissyou dad! seriously imissyou! when we can meet again? 

p/s : my dad still my hero. miss you dad. miss u a lot mr.iyan ak apau. 

lot of love : avy :')

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